1. I think I’m going crazy

    Having feelings drive me insane


  2. On replay for days

  3. Prettiest kids of the night, inside and out

  5. <3


  6. Off to Propaganda!


  7. Girls of the night

  8. My favorite kitten

  9. Sums up the night pretty much.

  10. Because two rib cage tattoos are better than one

  11. We love pain

  12. Nothing like my kitties


  13. How many girls does it take to find a tattoo parlor

    Obviously more than two, very sober girls


  14. Anonymous asked: cool! what is the website name?

    It’s not ready yet but as soon as it’s up and running I’ll post it the link!


  15. Anonymous asked: so when your clothing line is availiable will it be availiable on the web to buy?

    Yes! It’s entirely an online shop but people who know me or live close by can just purchase from me personally